Retailers make merry with latest video surveillance technology!

Video Surveillance in retail stores is being carried out from decades to help in nabbing numerous shoplifters and other criminals. But in recent times, the advances in camera technology and video surveillance have been presenting new marketing opportunities for retailers.

Previously, high cost cameras and dedicated staff were needed to devote hours of monitoring video footage for the same of examining customer habits. But now analytics platform is doing all the said work for the retailers and is helping them in cutting down costs.

For instance, Analytics software for cameras can compile reports that inform retailers on which product in their premises have a lot of demand and where their customers are spending the most time in the store. This will allow companies provide more targeted advertisements to customers on digital sign-ups.

How is video surveillance helping retailers?

Video surveillance is helping retailers to better optimize space and offer a better shopping experience. By looking at where customers are spending time in the store, employees are being better prepared to assist customers in real-time. So, an increase in employee productivity and customer experience can be observed with the help of video surveillance.

This not only helps in improving customers’ experience, but also works out well on economics scale. Demographics info such as age, gender, monitoring stats, store conversion rates based on transaction and customer count numbers can also be obtained. Moreover, it can alert the store owner about rush hours and help him/her field better staff count in those hours. Thus, it saves consumers time and helps in better allocating store resources.

According to Carol, a store keeper in Walmart, video surveillance is also helping the store owner in getting information on the performance of digital signage. For instance, their video analytics enabled surveillance cameras can determine how much impression an advertisement has on customers. If an ad isn’t very eye-catching to a passerby, a retailer can switch it out for another right away. It is reported that this way of promotion works in a great way in sections selling groceries, apparel, electronics, home appliances and Interiors.

But all is not well?

But despite a myriad benefits with this technology, some customers fear that video surveillance infringes their privacy to much, as the advanced cameras have the ability to recognize individual customer faces and track where they are at all times in the store. The prime concern is where this data will go when they leave the premises.

Therefore, the expectations of the consumer should line-up with the business practices around data use. If not, this could trigger a panic among them and in the end could make the businesses loose customers.

So, to avoid loosing customers, businesses need to consider opt-out notices or posting signs that indicate that cameras are rolling. If the customer is not interested on being monitored, then they can stay away from the premises.

Regardless, businesses need to find a balance between respecting customer’s privacy and collecting data to improve marketing.

Finally, the catch is that improved retail experience and customized marketing campaigns may be a huge draw for businesses, saving both customers and storeowners valuable time and money in long run.

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