These are the must have SAN features!

Data Storage professionals shopping for SAN storage appliances should go for the ones which have the following features. Reliability, speed, affordability are universal criteria, when it comes to nearly any technology purchase. However, SAN appliances need the following advanced features sets to go beyond.

Note – Don’t overlook any of these essential features on your first or next SAN solution purchase.

Free from forklift upgrades – High value enterprise technological assets have to be upgraded once in a while in order to keep pace with technological developments or to accommodate business growth with the increasing demand for IT resources. It has to be notified that Storage sub-systems and Storage Area Networks are no different from the trend of this IT refreshment. So, go for a SAN which doesn’t support forklift upgrade. It must flexible for future upgrades within the stipulated budgets.

Dynamic LUN Provisioning – While selecting a SAN solution adding disk capacity dynamically should be a feature of first priority. This feature allows storage admins to present extra storage to server systems on the go. Dynamic LUN Provisioning does not require the system admin to reboot the server unless the operating system is too old. This feature makes the SAN capability and your enterprise systems truly dynamic. Administrators can respond very quickly to changing business needs and out of space alerts to avert any downtime or missing SLAs.

Dynamic Snapshots – This feature helps in creating quick backups by allowing admins to backup data from one storage tier to another. Thus, it allows quick point-in-time backups of critical data for databases. Therefore, these snapshots offer a rollback point for data.

WAN replication – This feature can be used to replicate from data center to data center for your own DR solution. It is a very advanced disaster recovery feature where it allows a business and data to get first cut category with dynamic LUN provisioning. When this feature is present, accompanying features such as encrypted data transfer, deduplication and the ability to set automated replication options can also be obtained.

SAN to disk backup – SAN to disk is an advanced feature that enables an administrator to create impromptu backups onto USB or eSATA disks. However, this feature is not intended for regular backups and is only meant for emergency backups, as speed and reliability cannot be obtained in this feature use when compared to RAID arrays.

Multiple RAID configurations – It is always good to have SANs with multiple RAID configurations and should have the ability to mix them within the same environment. Different workloads require different levels of redundancy and so your procuring SAN must have the flexibility to accommodate any type of workload.

In today’s scenarios, most high profile SAN vendors like StoneFly, Inc., offer high end SAN solutions which can prove as one-size fits all scenario with ease. They can act as failovers, serve as database systems, file servers, application servers and web servers.

StoneFly SAN appliances offer robust features such as Snapshot, Mirroring, Encryption, Asynchronous Replication, Deduplication, and Thin Provisioning. The heart of StoneFly products is an award winning software called StoneFusion Intelligent Network Platform. This platform includes advanced Storage Network Management, storage provisioning, centralized volume management, data migration and storage consolidation.

In addition to iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN Storage Solutions, StoneFly has created a series of Hyper-Converged Unified Storage & Server™ appliances and gateways, Scale Out NAS products, and an assortment of Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions.

For those who are concerned about the background of StoneFly, here are some facts. StoneFly is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory and is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the founding member of the IP Storage Institute (IPSI), a VMware TAP Elite Partner, and a VMware Professional Solution Provider Partner.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly IPSAN solutions.

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