Medical Doctors Associates choose StoneFly IP SAN to revamp data backup procedures!

Medical Doctors Associates (MDA) based in Norcross, Georgia has chosen StoneFly IP SAN to expand and revamp data backup procedures in their IT premises. This company which focuses on providing quality medical staffing was previously using a Fibre Channel SAN. Although the system’s functionality was adequate for their early IT infrastructure, the fiber channel SAN was getting old and was reaching end of life in different stages. As more demanding amounts of data resources were being processed, the IT staff found that their current system became difficult to manage, and even more difficult to backup their data.

This is what prompted Medical Doctor Associates to go for StoneFly IP SAN which was versatile, easy to manage and had advanced features like snapshots and so on. Earlier, MDA’s backup procedures required multiple manual steps – one including backing up their data to a tape storage device every couple of days – which completely exceeded their windows of backup time.

The company’s main concern was to safeguard their large in-house CRM database, which contained thousands of valuable client records and served as the backbone of the company’s everyday operations. Therefore it was crucial that those resources were backed-up on a constant basis.

Then MDA’s IT department figured out a backup plan which offered the flexibility of transferring their data from their onsite fiber channel network on to a backup tape after a few days. Although the process did the job, it proved to be more time consuming, difficult to manage, and unreliable as time went on. The second concern was that their in-house Fibre Channel SAN lacked the feature of scalability, as they had virtually no room to expand their storage space with their current system.

The organization soon decided to go for a forklift upgrade, where it was looking for a solution to take up backup responsibility, as well as, specific point-in-time recoverability and meet undiscovered future challenges. Flexibility and scalability were paramount in their requirement list.

After weighing all their requirements and considerable market research, the company decided that StoneFly’s line of powerful ISC 6GS IP SAN solutions were the way to go.

Equipped with StoneFly’s patented storage virtualization technology, the StoneFly ISC 6GS Class is a powerful IP SAN that is an ideal solution for IT environments that require high availability as well as fast disk-to-disk (D2D) backup and recovery. MDA’s first phase was to migrate general files and to create a local D2D backup plan using the new IP SAN storage.

A twenty-four terabyte ISC 6GS was used as its central storage system, utilizing 20TB of its 24TB capacity and networking the device to their current on-site and off-site storage and server appliances. Added data protection was desired and the ISC 6GS was factory configured in RAID 6, which ensured that the company’s mission-critical data was now protected for up to two drive failures in the subsystem. Furthermore, with StoneFly’s award-winning StoneFusion® Network Storage Platform (NSP), MDA is able to effectively provision their storage resources to achieve their business continuity objectives.

The second expansion assumed more application storage duties. This was easily met with a half populated storage expansion unit holding its own RAID 60 protected data. When phase three rolled around, there was concern on MDA’s part that the subsystem would start to slow down with the additional burden. Performance was critical. The patented StoneFusion OS was flexible enough to add a second accelerated hardware SAS 6G RAID subsystem to the ISC assuring the same outstanding performance not only for this phase but down the road when required.

By implementing StoneFly into their data center, MDA is able to easily expand, manage and protect their most valuable data on and offsite. Today, their StoneFly ISC IP SAN supports a total of 65 servers. Furthermore manageability has been vastly simplified. The company is able to retain and retrieve resources within the required 30-day period.

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