Video Storage evolves to meet the needs of a changing marketplace!

Data Storage solution cost has dropped drastically in recent years and so the challenge of recording and storing video in surveillance deployments has almost become an afterthought.

Moreover, due to stiff competition, in an industry that once featured a multitude of companies that specialized in developing dedicated video storage solutions, only a few remain now.

However, issues surrounding video recording are as important as ever given the push within both the public and private sector to retain video footage over longer periods of time.

Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO of DNF Security, believes that there has been lack of education in the market about the important role video storage plays in video surveillance infrastructure. He believes that the storage acts as a foundation on which the surveillance environment is being built on.

Mr. Mo feels that, till date the buying processes for surveillance have evolved in such a way that people focused only on cameras, analytics and VMS part and gave storage a place of side kick. But now, he feels that things have changed as people are realizing the importance of being able to manage their data more intelligently

Factually speaking, camera resolutions are going up, and retention policies are certainly changing and elongating to such an extent, that there’s a lot more sophisticated analytics being applied to the data. There is also an evolution going on in the industry where people are seeing that, ‘Ok, I’m capturing this information, I am paying to store and manage this information, what else can I do with it?’”

DNF Security, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, has over 10,000 customer deployments in nearly 62 countries. It entered the surveillance industry about 15 years ago after developing a storage file system for handling video and unstructured data.

The other big mistake, which Mr. Mo feels that the customers are committing is in making trade offs in how long they will retain the video data based on how much disk space storage they can afford, which is where DNF Security differentiates itself in the market.

This company has a tiered storage in its product-line, where high performance storage media is used to gather information from multiple networks and video recorders. If in case, the need to store that info on a high-performance media diminishes, then the data can be stored on a lower cost tier of storage that is still readily accessible, minus the real-time high performance.

Even with high-performance disk storage, however, appliances in the field have not always performed up to the expectations of end-users.

According to Aubrey Muhlach—surveillance segment marketing manager for Seagate Technology–which manufactures surveillance-optimized hard drives for a number of different companies, one of the problems the industry experienced in years past was the failure of surveillance drives in the field, many of which were not designed to handle the day-to-day to stresses placed on them by video data.

With the aforementioned advances in imaging resolution and analytics, Mr. Aubrey said the demands being placed on surveillance systems is greater today than it ever has been and that maintaining the integrity of video data is paramount, which is where having surveillance-optimized hard drives comes into play. Seagate came to the rescue by figuring out that surveillance hard drives should be capable of operating in 24×7 environments and that too must work in systems that can stream massive amounts of data into one central location.

Seagate has been offering surveillance drives from the past 6 years and has reached capacities that go up to six terabytes, which is 600 plus hours of high definition content. This company remains successful in the industry by evolving with the needs of the market. In the same way, those companies offering solutions for mission critical surveillance needs, like DNF Security have been witnessing a stable market share, as they are transforming their product-line as per the needs of the market.

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