ITIM upgrades its storage supply chain with StoneFly IP SAN

ITIM, a supplier of software systems has upgraded its storage environment with a StoneFly IP SAN. Based in London, with three additional locations throughout England, this company holds key customer base which includes McDonald’s, Whitbread, Shoe Zone, Harvey Nichols and Halfords.

ITIM Plymouth’s office offers B2B data translation services for leading retailers and their supply chain partners, while offices in London, Huntington and Hull offer point of sale and back office retail solutions.

ITIM data center relied heavily on Microsoft SQL Server for database management, and supported access to hundreds of thousands of documents daily to employees, customers and partners, accessing the ITIM network directly.

But as the business growth occurred in recent years, the requirement for additional backend storage to support two powerful SQL servers in a highly data intensive environment also increased. After evaluating Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs), direct attached storage and other technologies, Kevin Williams, ITIM’s network manager for the Plymouth office, decided to go for an IP SANs as it represented the optimal choice. Williams cited ease of administration, use and upgradeability – and value – as reasons for adopting an IP SAN.

After going through the list of top vendors offering data storage solutions, ITIM choose StoneFly IP SAN for their current and futuristic data storage needs. StoneFly IP SAN offered the flexibility of centralized storage operations while managing 1.5TB of data for the company.

StoneFly’s each IP SAN offers enhanced redundancy, availability and performance and this is what ITIM needed. By using high performance storage, the software dealer was able to quench its primary and secondary storage needs with ease, as StoneFly IP SAN supported online transaction processing, database management, email archiving, disk-to-disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. So, it served as a single solution for many applications and that was the feature which attracted the IT team of ITIM Ltd.

To know more about StoneFly IP SAN call 510.265.1616.

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