Hyper Converged systems can reduce technical debt in less than 200 virtual server environments!

Data centers which can be termed as “mid-sized” and running less than 200 virtual server machines in their computing environment can reduce their technical debt by switching to Hyper Converged systems in their next data center refresh. This was revealed in the latest virtual server study- Gartner small and business buying preferences survey; made by Gartner.

The world renowned IT analysts firm’s recommendation is already said to have crept into data center business worldwide, as 40% of midsize businesses expected to replace all data center servers and storage with integrated systems by 2018, up from single figures this year.

Generally, the key challenges for small sized businesses are infrastructure complexity and maintenance.

So, highly virtualized businesses with fewer than 200 virtual servers should opt for hyperconverged infrastructure.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Systems can be significantly cheaper than best of breed infrastructure components such as rack servers or even regular SANs. Also, the simpler software centric architecture means lower running costs.

As of now, mid-market businesses spend almost 70% of their IT budgets to keep business going and so have to cope up with the technical debt associated, with maintenance, integration complexity and performance within the data center.

If all these businesses switch over to hyper converged systems, companies can free up their IT budget for things that actually create business value.

However, the in-house IT staff should also be replaced with more skilled staff who can manage the environment with ease… Will their pay not increase the costs again?

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