United States and China are world’s biggest producers of electronic waste!

United Nations University recent study claimed that United States and China were the world’s biggest producers of electronic waste (e-waste). And among the generated electronic waste by the two nations most of it constituted microwaves and dish washers.

The study also confirmed that over 41.8 million tonnes of e-waste were dumped around the globe in 2014 and only an estimated 6.5 million tonnes were taken for recycling. Buried within the 41.8 million tonnes of waste was more than 16,000 kilotonnes of iron, 1,900 kilotonnes of copper and 300 tonnes of gold as well as other precious metals such as palladium. The report estimated that the discarded materials, including Gold, silver, iron and copper were worth $52 billion.

The United States led e-waste dumping with 7.1 million tonnes in 2014, ahead of China with six million and followed by Japan, Germany and India, it said. Canada ranks lower on the list, in 15th place, with a dump of 725,000 tonnes.

The United States, where individual states run e-waste laws, reported collection of one million tonnes for 2012 while China said it collected 1.3 million tonnes of equipment such as TVs, refrigerators and laptops in 2013.

Norway led per capita waste generation, with 28.3 kg dumped per inhabitant, followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Britain. On that ranking, the United States was ninth and China was not among a list of the top 40. Canada dumped 20.4 kg per capita.

As said in earlier paragraphs, among the e-waste generated all round the world, about 60% of the waste was made up of items that included large and small appliances, vacuum cleaners, solar panels, video cameras and electric shavers.

The other astonishing fact revealed in the UN study was that electronic makers nowadays are manufacturing appliances and electronic gadgets with shorter life span than the ones manufactured a decade ago. As a result, by the year 2018, an increase in generated e-waste over 60% can be observed.

The only solution to tackle this huge mountain of electronic waste is to stay responsible towards the environment. The United Nations study claimed that if each and every individual on the planet starts learning about the hazards of e-waste, then a lot of the electronic dump can be handed over to a responsible recycler, who thus can save the environment from the dreaded clutches of e-waste hazards.

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