The damage caused by idle severs in worldwide data centers is estimated to be $30 billion

Ten Million servers are said to be sitting idle in data centers located worldwide and this was discovered in a recent survey made on data center efficiency by Anthesis Group in association with Stanford University. And out of the said number 3.6 million servers are said to be comatose in United States alone.

It is estimated that these 10 million server count of comatose (idle) servers is bringing $30 billion unproductive loss to data center capital when an average server cost of $3,000 is taken after ignoring infrastructure capital.

These findings support the idea that ongoing measurement and management of companies’ IT infrastructure is needed to optimize performance, energy use and ROI.

The survey found that by cutting down idle servers, data centers operating worldwide can save 4 Gigawatts of power in global IT loads. Displaced power could then support new IT loads that deliver business value and innovations.

The survey also revealed that improper planning while procuring servers is leading to the raise in count of comatose servers (idle servers). Servers remain on because it’s not known what they’re doing at any given time. People figure that if they are not useful now, they will probably be used at some time some other day. But years can flow without the need to process transactions and this is leading to the increase in count of idle servers.

With server analytics, companies can determine whether it is more cost efficient to run a transaction in their own data center or in the cloud. For instance, if you only do payroll bimonthly, it may make sense to contract the farm and offload background transactions to the cloud when you’re not doing payroll.

There is a general notion that having servers in premises will make things look more secure, than procuring them as a computing service and this where huge capital investments do nothing.

In order to counter such troubles, data center managers should take the help of solutions such as server virtualization; data center infrastructure management and make a note of upstream traffic or user access information per server from central IT management, virtualization and workload distribution systems. This identifies servers which are not working as per the requirement and can help in decommissioning them without adding more risk to business.

Using servers only when needed does not just save power but also frees up capacity and results in fewer licensing fees for software. Therefore, collocation can act as boon in such cases.

With smart apps related to server analytics, one can keep a tab on how apps are broken down and track how they’re processed on computers and when.

And to get more such suggestions on what your current data center is generating and how many servers in your server farm are idle – approach Dynamic Network Factory which has deep knowledge in cabling and infrastructure, power and cooling, rack layout and design, security and management practices.

All of these elements, put together in the right way, can make for long-lasting IT systems and true operational efficiency for your company.

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