How to minimize unplanned data center outages?

Unplanned data center outages can cost $9,750 per minute to the server facilities and this was revealed in the latest survey conducted by Ponemon Institute. Thus, it can be confirmed that downtime is getting more expensive as data centers are becoming more valuable to their operators.

Most often unplanned data center outages are caused due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and Tsunami’s. Sometimes, hardware or software errors, which can be man made, also cause such troubles, which can make some server farms get into huge losses and sometimes get into irreparable mode. In fact, International Data Corporation research shows that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years.

Therefore, with critical data at risk daily, businesses have to be more concerned with developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Here, an efficient insurance policy against disaster disruption is the implementation of a business continuity plan.

Dynamic Network Factory Corporation can help your data center access top quality expertise to duck your server farm from any kind of natural or man made disasters. Well, frankly speaking, it cannot dictate nature. But can help you out in designing an infrastructural architecture which minimizes and manages risk better with dashboard and expert updates.

StoneFly, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, will help you out in your data center infrastructure planning with its products such as StoneFly Cloud Business Center, San Based Replication, Disk to disk backups and StoneFly DR365 Disaster Recovery site in a box solution series.

Whether your data center is small or big, serving one company or acting as a COLO, DNF Corp propelled StoneFly Disaster Recovery solution will ensure 100% data continuity for your business, no matter how big it is and how many branches it holds.

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