High definition cameras usage increasing in Casinos!

Video surveillance in casinos offers a lot of challenges for security surveillance systems providers. This is due to the fact that these environments have diverse operational requirements and equally diverse operating conditions which pose as challenges to security cameras.

Technically speaking, gaming surveillance is focused on the activities that take place on the gaming tables and is used to settle disputes, prevent and detect cheating and also to protect the players and the Casino from dishonest employees.

Since, such systems require the ability to cope with high speeds on dice tables, and roulette wheels, low ambient lighting levels, difficult color contracts such as greens, red, blacks on card tales and other deep field requirements; they need to produce images with evidential level quality. Thus, the presence of such quality filled images not only helps in collecting surveillance evidence in a casino, but also allows to make sure that the correct customer is paid the correct number of chips for their win.

High definition security cameras provide six times the resolution of analog cameras, supplying images with sharper edges that easily identifies faces, cards, dice, chips, currency and fill slips.

Additionally HD cameras can also help in reducing total camera count in the premises. A single, 1080p camera can effectively cover poker, roulette or craps tables where traditionally 4-5 analog cameras are required.

If budget is an issue, then combining high definition cameras at choke points with 360 degree cams can provide extreme overviews of the entire casino floor. This ensures facial identification of a person at choke point, when an incident occurs.

Benefits of using HD cameras in Casinos:

  • One of the advantages of using high definition cameras in casinos is that it offers improved picture quality and greater sensitivity in low lighting.
  • It offers greater frame rate for post recording analysis by Casino owner.
  • Due to wider field of view, camera count can be reduced.
  • High quality of audio capture is possible.
  • Remote or mobile viewing is possible, if the surveillance cameras are integrated to an efficient video management system.
  • Simpler control room operations for locating and playback of video is possible with HD cameras.
  • HD cameras provide automatic recognition of premier customers or people on security watch lists.

If you need assistance in selecting the right cameras for your casino then you can approach DNF Security. It not only provides management and storage solutions for mission critical surveillance environments, but can also offer you assistance in camera section, camera count, deployment, installation and maintenance prerequisites.

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