Contra Costa Water District uses StoneFly Storage Concentrator to improve its storage and disaster recovery needs!

Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) touted as one the largest urban water districts in California, is using StoneFly Storage Concentrator to improve its storage and disaster recovery needs. This is a part of CCWD’s dependence on leading-edge technology to improve overall efficiency and productivity as part of an ongoing goal to maintain operating costs and reduce rates.

The Contra Costa Water District IT team relies on a variety of applications to support its wide-ranging information and data collection requirements. More than 350 end users work on HP desktops and Dell laptops linked to 13 servers from Dell and IBM with Red Hat Linux and Oracle 11g, plus HP Netservers running Windows 2008 and Microsoft Exchange

Earlier, CCWD used to access data from direct attached storage to meet its fluctuating storage demands. But this practice often led to the struggle with interoperability across RAID devices and host systems. Additionally, CCWD’s storage requirements often increased during seasonal construction throughout the district, causing peak volumes in data collection and associated demands for increased, short-term storage. Under its current approach, the district had no way to consolidate and share mass storage across various systems. As a result, the department’s IT team had to find an economical yet state-of-the-art solution for its mounting storage dilemma

At this point, StoneFly’s Storage Concentrator came to the rescue of Contra Costa Water District. Initial testing of the Storage Concentrator was completed in half the projected time, which enabled CCWD to streamline its IP SAN deployment.

Data from five production servers were migrated onto the Storage Concentrator over a week-long cutover. The team transferred 1TB of Windows- and Linux-based data from dedicated drives onto the IP SAN, moving over files from various user groups including digital photo archives, Oracle databases and the district’s email repository.

Earlier, CCWD was unable to reclaim storage or resize volumes when storage surges occurred. The Storage Concentrator purges this problem by giving operating systems, applications and end users access to a reservoir of storage resources or volumes that appears identical in all ways to a locally attached hard drive

The other advantage was that the deployed StoneFly IP SAN was also being used to streamline disk-to-disk backup and restore procedures. Thus, this helped in cutting down much tape for any given workgroup, which has generated sizable savings on tapes alone. Previously, the district averaged $9,200 a year on tapes; now the yearly expense is reduced to almost zero with the IP SAN. In addition, by reducing backup windows and lowering operating costs, the IP SAN enables the district to strengthen its business continuity strategies

Since, then StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator is playing a pivotal role in protecting vital data and supporting the water district’s underlying information infrastructure

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