Virtual Servers double the cost of security breach says survey?

Kaspersky lab has released a new report which says that a security incident involving virtual server in either public or private cloud will double the recovery cost compared to that of a traditional environment.

In another survey conducted by B2B International, it was discovered that enterprises paid an average of $800,000 to cover a security breach involving virtual servers, compared to $400,000 in traditional environments.

On the other hand, the same survey notified us that SMBs saw costs rise from an average of $26,000 to $60,000 with virtualization.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the three main reasons for this cost difference are:

  1. IT professionals are in a myth that virtual servers are naturally secured than their traditional counterparts and so need no extra security precautions.
  2. Secondly, they believe that if at all a virtual machine catches a virus; they can just delete the virtual machine and create a new one from a template.
  3. Around 62% in the survey believed that risk in virtual environments were significantly lower than in physical environment.

The study also revealed that malware is able to hop from one VM to another, embedding itself in the hypervisor and use other techniques to avoid being cleaned out by re-imaging.

The major risk of virtualization discovered in the study is as follows. There can be a window of vulnerability between the time a virtual machine is spun-up and anti-virus software is updated. This window can get dramatically magnified if all the virtual machines need to be updated at once.

As a result, virtualized environments can require security solutions specifically designed to deal with virtual servers.

But it was revealed in the survey that only 13% of the survey respondents had deployed a security solution specifically designed for virtual environments.

B2B International survey revealed that companies were way ahead with disaster recovery plans, when it comes to their traditional infrastructure, but were literally ill prepared for their virtual environments.

The survey of B2B International revealed that virtualization can prove expensive, complicated and lengthy and is often used for the most mission-critical, high-value processes. So, when the infrastructure goes down, so do all these processes.

One of the highlights of B2B survey is that 66 percent said that they lost access to business critical information during an incident involving virtualization, compared to 36 percent in a traditional environment. This is because companies are not as prepared to recover from an incident that involves virtualization. Secondly, these incidents also result in a doubling of costs related to lost business, damage to company reputations, damage to credit ratings, and increased insurance premiums.

So, to address these problems, companies need to recognize that virtualization can require different security solutions than traditional environments, and should be thinking about security and disaster recovery from the very start of the virtualization process.

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