StoneFly offers offsite vaulting service!

StoneFly, Inc., which has been offering Backup and DR Appliances as per the industry trends, now offers Offsite vaulting service. Thus, with the help of this service copied backup images to tapes or portable hard drives can be safely stored in offsite vaults.

If a catastrophe strikes your enterprise data center, these offsite backups can then be used to restore your data on a new machine ensuring earliest disaster recovery.

In today’s world lots of businesses will transfer materials to USB drives, tapes, hard drives which is a great step towards safe document management. However, it does not protect an enterprise in the event the premises faces with an unforeseen event such as flood or fire.

This is where Offsite Vaulting, such as the one offered by StoneFly fits perfectly. All your storage media is stored in the safe and secure Offsite Vault of StoneFly and when the need arises, they can be shipped back to your premises for disaster recovery.

StoneFly offers Offsite Vaulting service with all its backup products.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Z series of Backup and Disaster Recovery web page.

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