March Networks introduces worlds first ATM security camera!

March Networks, a leading IP video solutions provider has introduced to the world the first ever ATM security camera. The March Networks MegaPX ATM Camera is the first self contained, covert IP camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) image clarity and is specifically build to capture highly details video in all lighting conditions.

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The March Networks MegaPX ATM Camera enables bank security staff and law enforcement to clearly identify faces and other distinguishing features of those visiting cash teller machines.

This ATM camera from March Networks is ONVIF Profile S Complaint and can be deployed seamlessly to provide the high-quality ATM video evidence many financial institutions are seeking to fill a gap in their complete banking surveillance solutions.

The MegaPX ATM camera combines HDR and exceptional low-light performance to capture clear video in high contrast lighting, such as direct sunlight and near-dark conditions ATM vestibules and drive through experience.

Available with a 2.8mm standard lens or 3.7mm pinhole lens, the camera’s wide field-of-view records ATM users from the waist up rather than just capturing faces to provide more comprehensive video evidence. In addition, an innovative feature auto-corrects images recorded behind the tinted glass enclosures present in many ATMs.

Now, to all those financial institutions who want to use these network cameras in their ATM branched as a network, a smartly integrated Video Management System can serve purpose. Based on the configuration of March Networks MegaPX ATM camera, around 30-40 can be integrated to each VMS. If this is done, then all ATM cash withdrawals, vandalisms, ATM thefts and illegal activities taking place in ATMs can be tracked and the video evidence can be used for legal illustration purposes.

Moreover, all DNF Security video management engines and NVR & video storage appliances can be integrated with cloud video surveillance platforms for archival needs. So, cost of using a video management system and storage gets reduced by 40%-50% with this possibility.

Therefore, for all your Video management and storage needs, approach DNF Security.

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