Amazon cloud storage service unveils new data storage tier!

Amazon cloud storage service has unveiled a new data storage tier called Standard –IA storage class. This new storage class can be used for infrequently accessed data and is offered with same high durability, low latency and high throughput of the S3 Standard.

Thus, Amazon web services customers now have the choice of using three S3 storage classes which are— Standard, Standard IA and Glacier. All these cloud storage services are designed to offer 99.9999% durability.

The new Standard IA cloud storage service tier has an availability SLA of 99% and has all existing S3 features including security and access management, data lifecycle policies, cross-region replication and event notifications.

Prices for Standard IA start at $0.0125/Gigabyte per month, with a 30 day minimum storage duration for billing and a $0.01/gigabyte charge for retrieval.

Further, for billing purposes, objects that are smaller than 128 kilobytes are charged for 128 kilobytes of storage.

Amazon web services said that its pricing model will make the new storage class economical for long term storage needs such as backups, disaster recovery and archives.

At the same time, Amazon Web Services has also reduced prices for its Glacier data storage service. Now, the price has been reduced from $0.01/GB to $0.007/GB on monthly basis.

The price reduction will take affect on an automated note and will only be applicable to US East (North Virginia), US West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) regions.

In the Frankfurt and Sydney zones, Glacier pricing is set at $0.0120 per GB, and costs $0.0114 per GB in AWS Tokyo region.

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