LifeCare Assurance uses StoneFly IP SAN for its scalability and business continuity requirements!

LifeCare Assurance Company which develops administers and markets reinsurance programs in conjunction with the industry’s largest insurance companies, including Bankers United Life, John Alden Life of New York, Republic-Vanguard Life, ALLIED Life, Lincoln Benefit Life, State Life and MassMutual is using StoneFly IP SAN to cater to its scalability and business continuity needs.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Woodland Hills, Calif., LifeCare Assurance employs 250 professionals and supports more than 90,000 agents nationwide with a variety of underwriting, policy issue, claims and policy-holder services. According to the company’s financial status continues to grow at 28 percent per year and is expected to reach $2.6 billion in assets and $375 million in annual revenue by the end of 2015.

Since, LifeCare Assurance operates as an extension of its partners’ home offices; they need to be highly efficient, flexible and reliable

To keep pace with such aggressive business growth and ensure the delivery of high-quality service and back-office administrative support, the company relies heavily on technology to streamline and optimize operations.

Previously, the company’s storage environment used to suffer with network bottlenecks and storage capacity issues. Additionally, the company was interested to have a storage which could provide file-level storage as well as block level storage for databases like Microsoft Exchange.

Since LifeCare Assurance IT staff was familiar with IP and SCSI, they figured that an IP SAN could be added to the existing network more easily than other technologies. The StoneFly Unified Scale Out (USO™) Appliance – SAN + Scale Out NAS Storage met all company criteria including block-level support and centralized storage management at a much better price point than anything else.

Centralized storage management was a key advantage in using the same StoneFly IP SAN. And one of the benefits of the StoneFly IP SAN was that LifeCare Assurance could access and administer changes from any browser to save time and alleviate management headaches.

Data migration also went much faster than the team predicted. It took less than two hours to move 1TB of data to the StoneFly system. The team consolidated storage for three primary servers over a three-week period. The first server contained all LAN connectivity, security and operating system data along with end-user applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. The second server contained mission-critical data and recorded messages from the VoIP system. The third server contained documents and data from an automated forms management and workflow system.

While the data migration and consolidation was completely transparent to end users, subsequent performance improvements for file downloads and uploads were definitely noticed. In fact, LifeCare Assurance has rated the performance of the system at least 30 percent faster than initially anticipated. The system is as fast as or even faster than copying files to a local drive.

With the StoneFly Unified IP SAN in place, LifeCare Assurance can turn on a dime knowing that they now have the capability to meet whatever their business demands.

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