Cloud overshadows purpose built backup appliance market!

Data Storage vendors offering only purpose built backup appliances may feel disappointed on seeing this news. According to the latest survey conducted by International Data Corporation, cloud computing is overshadowing the market for purpose built backup appliances.

Liz Conner, a senior research manager of IDC views that the focus is continuously shifting away from hardware centric, on-premises PBBA systems to hybrid backup appliance systems. In other words, Liz feels that the worldwide market for backup appliances will be bright to those who offer backup and disaster recovery appliances integrated to cloud making them hybrid systems.

But at the same time, he feels that security and privacy issues may hit strong at cloud based backup service offering companies.

According to IDCs Worldwide Quarterly Purpose Built Backup Appliance tracker, the Total PBBA open systems factory revenue decreased -9.0% years over year in 2Q15 with revenues totaling $654.4 million while the mainframe market experienced a growth of 1.8% for the same period.

Total worldwide PBBA capacity shipped for 2Q15 was just shy of 694 Petabytes, an increase of 18.0% year over year.

Note – IDC defines purpose built backup appliance as a standalone disk-based solution that utilizes software, disk arrays, server engines or nodes that are used as a target for backup data and specifically data coming from a backup application.

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