Video Surveillance in vehicles!

As governments are growing increasingly concerned over security in transportation segment, the in-vehicle security surveillance market is taking the spotlight with its rapid expansion. And in order to adapt to diverse settings, surveillance products designed for vehicles are showing four main characteristics which are High definition, network connectivity, intelligence and product specialization.

With HD surveillance driving the security industry to set higher standards, technological advances are fueling a new generation of products. Performance and image quality have become the main focus in product development for vehicle security. In the process, new business opportunities are also being explored.

As the demand for better image quality is increasing, high-definition cameras are cementing their place in the digital world. But the usage of in-vehicle surveillance cameras with HD quality is also mounting the need for high end data recording and storage solutions in vehicles such as cars and public, private and commercial transport.

DNF Security’s fanless series PC’s incorporate powerful hardware components such as Intel® 3rd-Gen i7/i5 processors, High speed DDR3 memory and Enterprise class hard drives to offer extraordinary computing power, fanless architecture and reliable operation in various environments that require a small footprint system.

This solution proves ideal to be used as a surveillance recording and storage tool for in-vehicle HD cameras. Whether they are dash cams, cameras mounted at the front and backend of fleet vehicles, or HD cameras deployed in public transport vehicles, DNF Security Fanless solutions acts as perfect computing solutions.

They are quieter to operate, compact in size, energy efficient, and also keep dust and moisture at bay.

For more product information, please contact DNF Security Falcon Fanless PCs or call 510.265.1122.

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