School District in California goes for StoneFly Hyper Converged USS!

StoneFly, Inc., a Silicon Valley based company offering simple and affordable enterprise solutions was recently approached by a School District which was looking to upgrade its current server and storage environments. The California based educational institution was searching for a suitable technology which could free the department from slow performance and ever growing need for capacity crisis and provide more elastic solution with low CapEx & OpEx.

The School District was using Tier1 storage and the warranty extension of the legacy equipment and the OpEx over the equipment was proving way too expensive. So, they were in search of new solutions that can not only prove elastic and flexible, but can also help them consolidate and virtualize their data center.

The experienced sales team of StoneFly recommended to them StoneFly’s Hyper Converged USS solution which could consolidate the school district’s data center into one redundant and highly available appliance. StoneFly Unified Storage & Server is an all in one hyper converged appliance which has computing, storage, virtualization and networking intelligence embedded into one easy to manage appliance which is highly scalable in future.

Consequently, users can shrink their data center footprint, by replacing their servers and storage environment with a single USS. The solution not only helps them in resizing their data center, but also brings a lot of savings– well appreciated by school board.

Hyper Converged USS runs on StoneFly’s patented StoneFusion operating system which is fully virtualized, offers features such as Tiered Storage, deduplication, thin provisioning, synchronous & asynchronous replication, full self back up and disaster recovery, private and public cloud connector for hybrid solution.

The Unified Storage and Server appliance includes a Virtual SAN Storage Appliance (SCVM™) and the ability to create additional Virtual Storage or Servers as needed. By migrating existing Windows and Linux physical servers to VMware-compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance, users can greatly reduce their hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

Furthermore, StoneFly offers reliable and affordable storage solutions which are available at a fraction of cost from other suppliers. Therefore, all those SMBs which are having tight IT budgets but are compelled to go for forklift upgrade (for reasons) can make merry when they approach StoneFly.

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