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Microsoft offers Hybrid Cloud specialized application in Azure. Despite the wide range presence of Hybrid Cloud providers world round, Azure is made specially to meet enterprise needs, reports the executive vice president of Microsoft Corp, Scott Guthrie. Cloud technology

Hybrid Cloud enables enterprises to manage massive datacenters on which their business operates. Microsoft Azure is empowered with 38 cloud regions deployed in different geographical locations around the world, more than Google and Amazon Web Services Inc. Hybrid Clouds combined.

450 out of 500 companies are running their production software on Azure. Of those are Adobe, SAP and DocuSign that run their cloud applications on Azure. Motive for this turnout is the level of security and compliance certifications that Azure enjoys, more than any other cloud vendor in the market.

In addition to Mesosphere DCOS and Docker Swarm, Microsoft recently added support for Kubernetes orchestration to Azure’s hybrid capabilities. This will enable users to establish applications that use containers and scale and manage them in whatever framework they prefer.

Currently Azure is supporting both Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Governments, Military, public sector and over 75% of the large banks around the world are Azure customers.

Now in its eighth generation, StoneFly offers world-class storage technology on the cloud that’s integrated with Microsoft Azure’s Cloud computing platform. Of StoneFly’s integrated Microsoft Azure strengths are the competencies it offers to enterprises to extend their software infrastructure and storage with remote OS boot from the cloud and the provisioning of datastores for physical or virtual environments (such as VMware and Hyper-V).

With Stonefly’s cloud storage on Microsoft Azure you can easily add storage capacities to your server or workstation in a matter of minutes without the need to invest in storage appliances. Provision Flash, disk or hybrid storage as per your enterprise requirements on either local block level, cloud or remote iSCSI storage level. Stonefly’s cloud storage on Microsoft Azure is great for databases managed by SQL or Oracle RAC.

StoneFly’s iSCSI storage for Microsoft Azure is accessible with all the advanced data storage management options including, Asynchronous replication, mirroring and data deduplication. Optional data redundancy services are offered that are up to the end-user’s choice, with a minimum of 3 synchronous copies of your data within Azure’s datacenters hundreds of miles away.

StoneFly offers scalable cloud storage services with Scale Out NAS enabling enterprises to add nodes as their business grows without any impacts on performance. Azure’s storage capacity constraints are bypassed when using StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS Cloud Storage

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