What Today’s Enterprises Think of Cloud Disaster Recovery

A  Cloud Disaster Recovery survey concluded that 9 out of 10 IT firms are confident in their disaster recovery in the cloud solution compared to 74% enterprises that use in premises disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery and cloud backup

96 percent of the 403 surveyed IT companies reported having a disaster recovery strategy. About 50 percent of the respondents reported using at least some aspects of the cloud, with 41 percent using cloud and premises, and other 9 percent using only a cloud disaster recovery solution. 46 percent have physical based or on-premises disaster recovery and 4 percent with no disaster recovery solutions at all.

More than 50 percent of the companies surveyed reported having outage (downtime event) for at least 8 hours in the last five years. For every 24 hours of downtime, in the case of outage, two-thirds of the companies reported a loss of $20,000, with other 8 percent reporting that they would lose over $500,000.

Cloud disaster recovery is regarded by many as a strategy of preparing for a natural catastrophic event. Yet the most occurring reasons for the downtime included human error, virus or malware attacks, power outages and hardware error.

From respondent testimonials, the survey predicts that one third of the companies will update their disaster recovery in the next year.

More than half of the companies graded reliability as the most important aspect, followed by the speed of recovery, cost, usability and simplicity when shopping for a disaster recovery solution.

Despite their confidence about a disaster recovery solution, about a third of the companies believe that they are difficult to handle while the rest believe that disaster recovery solutions are too expensive.

Difficulty in use of disaster recovery solutions may factor in its slow adoption the survey noted, as two in five companies don’t have one.

40 percent of the companies test their disaster recovery plans once a year, 26 percent once every quarter, and six percent once every month. Six percent never test them at all, while nearly a quarter of the firms test them rarely.

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