Video tutorial on designing a video security system

Need some help designing a video security system?  Check out this video from GSP America.

Here are 6 questions from the video on what to look for and what to ask:

  1. What type of cameras should I use?
  2. How should I connect the cameras to the video management system?
  3. What type of video management system should I use?
  4. What sort of video analytics should I use?
  5. How should I view my surveillance video?
  6. How should I integrate video with my other systems?

I’d add the following questions to consider during the design phase.

  • How much analytics can your video management system process at once?
  • Does your system have enough bandwidth to support all of the simultaneous recording activity you expect?
  • How long do you need to keep your footage stored on a live system?  Do you also need to archive your footage to a secondary system later?
  • How can you ensure the system you buy today will support your needs tomorrow?
  • Are there any regulations or retention policies that impact how long you need to keep your footage?  How can you guarantee you are meeting these requirements, and ensure your video is safe and protected?


Did you know, we have an online calculator to help you choose the right systems to support your IP cameras.  Check it out with the link below.


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