VMware vSphere is on the way!

Next week, VMware is set to launch the next piece of their new “datacenter operating system.”

We are excited about, and look here for more info here as we support these new virtualization solutions:

Some highlights of what’s new:

  • Fault Tolerance (FT)- This is the next step up from HA which provided high ability but not 100% availability. Previously users who wanted 100% availability were forced to use a non-VMware native solution like Microsoft Clustering Server.
  • Host Profiles- Host profiles will make ESX and ESXi host configuration much quicker and easier. Host profiles will allow you to create centralized configuration policies that can be applied to your hosts to simplify configuration management.
  • Distributed vSwitches- This new type of vSwitch allows for centralized management and configuration of your vSwitches. Previously vSwitches had to be managed individually for each host which made configuration and administration time-consuming and more difficult. Distributed vSwitches allow you to create vSwitches for all your hosts at once rather then one by one and also allow you to maintain consistent configurations across each host.
  • Improved Storage VMotion- No need to use an external plug-in or the Remote command line interface (CLI) anymore as Storage VMotion will be integrated into vCenter Server, also support for NFS storage will be added.
  • HA enhancements- New HA features such as improved admission control and host monitoring that suspends failover actions during network maintenance.
  • Thin-provisioned Virtual Disks – Previously thin-provisioned disks could only be created manually using the CLI. You will now be able to create them when creating a guest OS using the vSphere Client.

Learn more on Tech Target:  VMware vSphere is coming – Virtualization Pro.

By the way, next week we are hosting a webinar on virtual servers and iSCSI storage.  We will cover how ESX4 will impact your storage environment.  Click here to get more info on the webinar on 4/22.

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