Storage Strategies: Things to keep in mind

What do you look for when you’re shopping for storage?

We probably all look at price, performance, and reliability, right? But how much time do we spend looking at other factors like total cost of ownership (TCO), security, automation, and compatibility? Probably not as much.

Here are some other things to consider when making your next visit to the enterprise storage aisle:

  • Tiered Storage- Save on the cost of drives by moving inactive data to low-cost drives  
  • Data Security- Think about disk encryption
  • Automation- Look for software, hardware, or managed services that allow for a level of automation and streamlined management
  • Data Recovery- Look into recovery and retrieval options
  • Interoperability- See if the system plays well with others

These are just a few pointers, if you’re looking for more tips, check out this article by Processor on making purchasing decisions.

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