Do drives come with that RAID?

This post is brought to you by the worst pickup line ever.

Prospective customers always ask…

Can I purchase your system without drives? They are available on the open market at a much lower cost.

And I agree.  It is always easy to find a low price on hard drives.  But what’s the cost of your time?  How much time do you spend finding the best deal?  And more importantly, how much time do you spend when you have a drive failure getting the replacement part?

From experience, we found it took far too long. And we have relationships with our drive manufacturers. Sometimes we wait 2 weeks for a replacement! I don’t know if you have two weeks to wait.  To solve the problem, or at least reduce its impact on you, we created our RAID certification process.With RAID Certified drives, DNF customers experience a 50% lower drive failure rate compare to standard and RAID edition drives.

So my short answer to the prospective customers…

We spend 120 hours testing each drive for you, so you won’t have to waste time replacing one.  

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