iSCSI: The New Wave

As pioneers of the iSCSI protocol, we understand how it can benefit organizations big and small. Many SMBs have favor iSCSI because it allows them to simplify management and decrease cost . In contrast, Global 2000 companies have historically favored Fibre Channel >iSCSI.  

A recent survey by TheInfoPro (TIP) shows that not much has changed in the deployment of iSCSI by Global 2000 companies (about 16% of Global 2000 using iSCSI), but the responses reveal a new trend emerging. Approximately 40% of the organizations said increased spending is planned for using iSCSI to save money on replication and for use within remote-office storage environments. 

The survey asked one of our customers about iSCSI, here is what they said:

“More and more users are finding that iSCSI is much easier to implement compared to alternatives in the marketplace,” says David Stevens, a storage manager at Carnegie Mellon University. “iSCSI was faster for us to implement and required fewer people than competitive options, which resulted in reduced storage costs. I expect to see more and more organizations implementing iSCSI in the data center.”

Additional Info:

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