Disaster recovery using virtual servers

Did you know, that in a virtual server environment, the physical servers can be used as disaster recovery servers for noncritical apps? Instead of sitting idle and collecting dust, they can be used for apps not required during a disaster.

Organizations looking to reduce recovery time, remote site costs, and improve ease of implementation, find that server virtualization combined with business continuity solutions, such as replication, is  a more cost-effective disaster recovery strategy. Research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) finds that 26% of organizations are replicating virtual machine images to a remote disaster recovery site, and 39% plan to do so in the future. Check out this article from SearchStorage that describes the benefits of virtual machines for DR.

Here is a quote from Mark Bowker from ESG about virtualization for DR:

“Some people are deploying a single VM on a host for critical and resource-intense apps like Exchange to reap the DR benefits but ensure sufficient resources; the data protection advantages by far outweigh the slight virtualization overhead.”

Want to learn more on using virtual servers and IP SANs for disaster recovery? Check out these resources:

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