Sidekick Failure: Another case for SAN Backups

Here is yet another example of what can happen if you neglect to backup your data. For all you T-Mobile users out there, you probably know that the Sidekick stores all of your critical data in a network datastore and not within the physical device. If something were to happen to any of those servers holding your data, you would lose your data. Scary thought, huh? Well, that is exactly what happened.

Michael Sheehan believes that during hardware upgrades, there was a failure that occurred. Since the upgrade of the SAN proceeded without data backup the result was thousands of Sidekick users stuck without their data. Here are five tips he presents in his blog post, that are critical for any IT department to remember:

  • Backups – Back up often. Set up automatic as well as manual backup procedures. Store your data locally AND somewhere completely geographically distinct from your infrastructure.  *Check out the SAN backup features on the StoneFusion OS.
  • Redundancy – Physical servers AND virtualized servers do encounter issues. You would never put all of your eggs in one basket so why do it with your infrastructure! You should ensure that you set up a “high availability” (HA) infrastructure where you have 2 (or more) of everything, whether they be all active or as hot or warm standbys. *Check out the fully redundant, HA Voyager IP SAN.
  • Failovers – Most people, unless they are hugely successful, decide to put off setting up a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment due to costs and the time it takes to do so. That is, until their primary site goes down for hours or days, then DR suddenly moves to the top of the list. *Learn about StoneFly’s Data Continuity.
  • “Hybrid Hosting” – By setting up your front-end environment using the cloud (scalable, dynamic, elastic, etc.), you can optimize your web server environment for traffic and redundancy. Using physical boxes in the backend allows you to have additional services (like managed backups or security enhancements), thus making your infrastructure more secure and reliable. *Stay tuned for more info on this coming soon.
  • Due Diligence – Regardless of your infrastructure, datacenter or hosting environment, take some time right now to figure out your IT strategy and Best Practices.
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