MNVR: The True Transit Surveillance Solution

Surveillance on transit systems has been employed on various scales in every part of the world as public safety becomes more of a pressing issue. However, the older traditional systems typically have low resolution, fixed monitoring, and lack flexibility to increase the number of units. These systems do not provide the proper real time surveillance capabilities needed to capture every day activity.

Instead, transit systems need on the go surveillance with the flexibility to scale as storage needs grow. One solution is the ruggedized mobile surveillance which complies with military standards. This guarantees a perfect solution for moving medium surveillance where it can absorb shocks and vibrations. Real-time surveillance is provided by using cellular network to connect and allow live streaming as well as playback. In addition, it comes with Wi-fi built that offers wireless connectivity for new wireless IP cameras along with the regular IP camera. It can transfer hundreds of Mb data pretty quickly to archive them to remote storage.

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