How can iSCSI can achieve your Virtualization Goals? Find out this Wednesday!

Is iSCSI the right storage technology for you? Although the technology is quite popular among the storage solutions industry, you might still have your own reservations about iSCSI, its technology capabilities and how it can benefit you and your deployment goals.

Let us ease you anxieties this Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 10am PST as we present this week’s Stonefly Webinar:

“How and why iSCSI can achieve your Virtualization Goals – Technology and Implement Made Simple”

Learn why and how to implement iSCSI technology storage solutions, as we answer the following:

  • Will iSCSI achieve my virtualization deployment goals?
  • What are the best practices and procedures to using iSCSI? Live Demo
  • How to use Multi Path IO (MPIO) in iSCSI environment? Live Demo
  • What is VSS and what does it do for me?
  • What does iSCSI technology buy me? What are the features I can benefit from?

To register, please sign up here for more details:

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