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StoneFly offers offsite vaulting service!

StoneFly, Inc., which has been offering Backup and DR Appliances as per the industry trends, now offers Offsite vaulting service. Thus, with the help of this service copied backup images to tapes or portable hard drives can be safely stored … Continue reading

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Know why backup and disaster recovery should be converged?

Backup and disaster recovery were treated as two separate entities till a couple of years ago. But now, all thanks to server virtualization, these two technologies are offered as converged solutions. Follow the article further to know on how is … Continue reading

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What is a disaster recovery appliance and how does it offer data continuity?

Disaster Recovery (DR) in storage sense is nothing but to have a quick and easily accessible copy of data in question. A disaster recovery appliance, takes this concept a step further by adding processing ability to the data. In general, … Continue reading

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Hyper Converged infrastructure simplifies virtual environments

Hyper Converged infrastructure adoption is increasing in enterprise data center environments these days and that’s due to the fact that it helps to simplify the architecture of virtual environments at a low cost. Now, for those, who are not familiar … Continue reading

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What to look for in a Server?

Shopping for a business server is always critical because if it is not done properly, it has the potential to reduce productivity and can even bring irrecoverable loss to a business. Therefore, below is the information and help for what … Continue reading

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StoneFly offers DR365 to consolidate all your Server, Storage and Backup needs into one single appliance

StoneFly, a subsidiary a Dynamic Network Factory has always served the Data Storage industry as per the current trends. Currently, citing the imperative need for a consolidated server, storage and backup appliance as a single box, StoneFly DR365 is being … Continue reading

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Why Redundancy and Backup are not the same?

Many people are in an opinion that, since, they own a redundant storage solution such as a NAS or an IP SAN; they can ignore the presence of backup in their data storage environment. A number of them even think … Continue reading

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An encounter with “Backup” technology!

For all those who are not familiar with computer backups, the word “Backup” will just mean a clone of data taken for the day or an instance. Let’s go with this illustration- If suppose a backup was taken  on Monday … Continue reading

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Benefits of Cloud based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Enterprises are nowadays generating vast amounts of business critical data and so are badly in need of an efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Unfortunately, most of the SMBs usually lack the resources found in large scale enterprises … Continue reading

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What is snapshot, why do I need it?

Currently, most storage providers use this technology called Snapshot. This technology uses a method called “Copy On Write” which means that, if a location is changed, old data from the time snapshot for that location is stored in a repository … Continue reading

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