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Cloud overshadows purpose built backup appliance market!

Data Storage vendors offering only purpose built backup appliances may feel disappointed on seeing this news. According to the latest survey conducted by International Data Corporation, cloud computing is overshadowing the market for purpose built backup appliances. Liz Conner, a … Continue reading

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Fibre Channel SAN business is down?

Fibre Channel SAN business is down and that is visible from the recently announced revenue figures of the FC trio- Brocade, Emulex and QLogic. As we have seen with Emulex and Qlogic’s results, Brocade has found growth through better business … Continue reading

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Data Storage trends for 2015!

Enterprise world is evolving and is constantly under pressure to provide the highest performance and the most cost effective IT services. As a result, information is playing an important role and has become a valuable asset for any organization. This … Continue reading

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What if the flight black boxes start sharing their data with the cloud?

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing from its route on March 8th, 2014 and all of the 300 passengers who were on board are now claimed to be dead. Even after a rigorous search for the plane and the on-board … Continue reading

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SMB makes these data storage choices

Data Storage has become the most vital component of an every midsize business’s IT infrastructure. Over the past few years, organizations are increasingly relying on their storage solutions, in order to organize the growth of unstructured and structured data generated … Continue reading

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Difference between Online Backup and Cloud storage

Many might have this doubt hitting their minds and might be looking for resources to help them clarify what exactly is the difference between an online backup and cloud storage. Here’s an article which will clarify it to you from … Continue reading

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