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Dynamic Network Factory offers data storage solutions and related services to defense field!

Dynamic Network Factory (DNF Corp) offers data storage solutions & related services for mission critical defense sector. And it has been a supplier of rugged and extreme environment IT systems to naval defense, information warfare technology and advanced countermeasure systems … Continue reading

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Military Defense data storage system vendors to enter Petabyte era soon!

High-density data storage is nowadays becoming crucial for many military embedded systems. Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems in particular generate huge volumes of data that often must be recorded in real time for later analysis. Although, the platform on which … Continue reading

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DNF Defense offers secure data storage for Defense and Aerospace personnel

Battles related to bits and bytes are nowadays being increasingly fought in the field of Defense and Aerospace sectors. Competitive advantages are being gained by the abilities not only to tap into data storage of adversaries, but also to defend … Continue reading

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