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How to improve your Disaster Recovery Plan?

United States has been experiencing consistent disasters from time to time and the latest to join is Snowcalypses. As enterprises look back at these unprecedented cascades of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and power outages; their top priority will be to review … Continue reading

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Ensure that your Disaster Recovery plan matches your business needs

Disasters are unpredictable and in most cases unavoidable and that’s obvious. Like in the same way you take preventive measures to protect your sweet home from both foreseeable and unexpected disasters in the future, its paramount to have 20/20 foresight … Continue reading

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Disaster recovery using virtual servers

Did you know, that in a virtual server environment, the physical servers can be used as disaster recovery servers for noncritical apps? Instead of sitting idle and collecting dust, they can be used for apps not required during a disaster. … Continue reading

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WAN optimization for DR

A recent Byte and Switch research survey shows that implementing a disaster recovery plan is top priority for organizations (see chart below). With data moving from one location to a remote location(s), optimizing your wide-area network (WAN) bandwidth becomes essential. Check out … Continue reading

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Using virtual servers for your disaster recovery strategy

Techtarget identified some key considerations for disaster recovery in a virtualized environment. Because of its ease of deployment and integration, server virtualization can be a highly effective tool for disaster recovery. Server virtualization addresses three concerns related to disaster recovery: Cost: … Continue reading

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