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Seven fascinating facts about the future of facial recognition!

Facial Recognition (FR) is giving a new meaning to the security surveillance world nowadays. Though, its logical availability is since 2009, the advantages of its usage are coming into light now. But to our surprise its future dominance in different … Continue reading

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DNF Security has an all-in-one video server it its catalog!

DNF Security, a pioneer in offering mission critical video surveillance related computing solutions, has an all-in-one Falcon Extreme Q60tcz video server which is a single system so quiet and powerful that it replaces up to 7 server systems currently available … Continue reading

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Facial Recognition technology overview

Almost a decade ago, facial recognition software was used in innovatively conceptualized sci-fi movies. At that time, no one had a clue that this concept will help in strengthening the future of security surveillance field. Now, facial recognition is being … Continue reading

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Facebook + Surveillance Footage = Solved

Arstechnica has a story about New Zealand police using Facebook to catch a criminal. They posted the footage on their facebook page, and in a few hours they knew the identity of the perp.  How’s that for creative crime solving? … Continue reading

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