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iSCSI vs Fibre Channel.. Battle Continues..

There was a time that some claimed that iSCSI is not mature and is not suitable to serve the storage needs of high demanding data centers. Those days have passed, and even those companies who promoted Fibre Channel, are starting … Continue reading

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IP vs FC in Speed and Performance

John Savill, author on WindowsITPro.com, posted a great Q&A on 11/12/09.  The question: “Which is better: a 10Gb Ethernet connection to IP storage or an 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) connected to a SAN?” John makes a great point that even … Continue reading

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iSCSI: The New Wave

As pioneers of the iSCSI protocol, we understand how it can benefit organizations big and small. Many SMBs have favor iSCSI because it allows them to simplify management and decrease cost . In contrast, Global 2000 companies have historically favored Fibre Channel >iSCSI.   A recent survey by TheInfoPro (TIP) … Continue reading

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Your first SAN, understanding your must-haves

Channelpro has a great article this month on choosing an entry-level or first SAN. There are 8 questions to ask: Which network: fibre channel or ethernet? Which hard drive: SAS or SATA (or SSD!)? Does it need to be scalable … Continue reading

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