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What is exactly Unified Storage?

Small and medium scale businesses grappling with data are showing a lot of interest in using a Unified Storage these days. This is due to the fact that Unified Storage systems often simplify the life of the storage administrators by … Continue reading

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Is Fibre Channel over Ethernet dead?

Data Storage Industry is buzzing with the latest news that Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocol is dead; thus making the future for iSCSI and FC bright. Generally, in the technological world, when a newer technology arrives, the older one … Continue reading

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Stonefly offers Cloud Business Center exclusively to its customers

StoneFly, Inc., a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering an exclusive cloud business center to all its customers. It is evident that StoneFly IP SAN technology offers to its users advanced business continuity features in the form of asynchronous … Continue reading

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StoneFly offers DR365 to consolidate all your Server, Storage and Backup needs into one single appliance

StoneFly, a subsidiary a Dynamic Network Factory has always served the Data Storage industry as per the current trends. Currently, citing the imperative need for a consolidated server, storage and backup appliance as a single box, StoneFly DR365 is being … Continue reading

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Data Storage adoption with Snapshot feature is increasing

Backups can play an instrumental role in case of disaster recovery and also have the potential to make a company immune to data loss. The process of backing up information can be lengthy and this is where the use of … Continue reading

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Will Fibre Channel Generation Six update dominate iSCSI in SAN world?

Fibre Channel, which still dominates over a majority of Storage Area Networks is all set to cater with double speeds. And all the credit goes to to the incoming new technological update ‘Generation Six’. FC networks have long been a … Continue reading

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StoneFly™ StoneFusion integrates with Permabit Albireo Deduplication technology

StoneFly, Inc, the pioneer of iSCSI storage is proud to announce that its StoneFusion Network Storage Operating System architecture will support data deduplication by integrating with Permabit Albireo Data Deduplication Software in order to further enhance storage optimization in enterprise … Continue reading

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StoneFly™ offers world’s first Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC Storage

StoneFly, Inc. which has been persistently updating its product line with most modern technology has come up with world’s first Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC storage solution based on its 10/40/80G Unified Storage concept. The company which is a … Continue reading

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iSCSI SAN v FC SAN Which is best for SMBs?

Data generation in SMBs is accelerating and the need for reliable and highly available storage is in great demand. Directors of small and medium businesses are willing to take tough decisions related to data storage as they need to stay … Continue reading

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StoneFly Unified Storage Appliance benefits

These days data has turned into an essential enterprise business aspect and so the need to secure it in a cost effective and reliable way has become a fundamental. Most of the enterprises are now showing a lot of interest … Continue reading

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