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Manage iSCSI Sprawl

Some enterprises are having to do more with less resources, less time and less money. Cut down iSCSI storage management time and storage sprawl with iSNS. Most iSCSI arrays have supported this protocol for years. The iSNS protocol (RFC 4171) was … Continue reading

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Do you need SSD?

George Crump @ Storage Switzerland has a great post on evaluatiing whether or not SSDs make sense for your IT environment. The steps to figuring out if you are a good candidate? Gather statistics about your environment: storage I/O, application … Continue reading

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iSCSI Performance Myths Explained

Saw this on twitter today:  iSCSi is a dog cloudcomp_group iSCSI is a dog only when you’re not doing some sort of hardware offload or when you need high throughput. There are many many applications that do just fine with … Continue reading

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