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Planning for Data Recovery from your data storage solution?

Data storage is crucial for any organization irrespective of the size and investment it holds. And when the storage solution in an enterprise fails to work for some reason, then it can affect the entire business objective of the organization. … Continue reading

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Why Redundancy and Backup are not the same?

Many people are in an opinion that, since, they own a redundant storage solution such as a NAS or an IP SAN; they can ignore the presence of backup in their data storage environment. A number of them even think … Continue reading

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Special Offer: Unprecedented Performance at Incredible Price

DNF Storage, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering its Flexstor NAS + iSCSI appliance for an incredible price. This highly reliable unified storage packed with unprecedented performance, will be available for a cost of just $9,950. This 16TB … Continue reading

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Two Myths about RAID – Busted

Uncovering the two myths about certain RAID configurations. Continue reading

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New RAIDML Offers Extreme Protection

We just introduced RAIDML™, a new multi-level (ML) approach that provides the highest levels of data protection for mission-critical files and applications.  RAIDML is now an integrated part of StoneFly’s Voyager HA IP SAN, which offers the ability to create … Continue reading

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RAIDML: Multi-Level Data Protection

What does “No Single Point of Failure” (NSPOF) really mean? If you read it at face value, you may conclude that it is the highest level of data protection.  There are several ways to achieve NSPOF on your volumes: mirroring … Continue reading

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Do drives come with that RAID?

This post is brought to you by the worst pickup line ever. Prospective customers always ask… Can I purchase your system without drives? They are available on the open market at a much lower cost. And I agree.  It is … Continue reading

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No backup plan, no data. Big problem.

Last month’s backup lesson came from Ma.gnolia, who lost all of their customer account data. This month, JournalSpace.com learned a valuable lesson about backups. JournalSpace’s IT guy had scripts to protect the PHP scripts on the front-end servers but relied … Continue reading

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I’d like ??TBs of storage please..

Would you like RAID 5 with that? Planning storage configurations is hard, there are a lot of choices:  RAID levels, drive types…each with a different impact on storage capacity, performance and bandwidth. We designed a Storage Capacity Calculator that allows you to enter your desired hardware … Continue reading

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