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Top 5 things you need to know about StoneFly’s SCVM™

Key features and advantages of using StoneFly’s SCVM iSCSI software. Continue reading

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Cut To The Chase: What Do You Want Your IP SAN To Do?

What do you want your IP SAN to do? Let us answer your concerns in this StoneFly webinar. Continue reading

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Video Surveillance expected to climb up to $5.6 billion by 2013

The IP surveillance market continues to grow as it is expected that the industry will reach revenues of $5.6 billion by 2013. Continue reading

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Webinar:”When and Why you Must Buy iSCSI or NAS”

Confused about the differences between iSCSI and NAS? While both technologies are used as primary and secondary storage options, they offer different features. Learn how choosing the right storage solution can help you avoid disaster while keeping costs down and … Continue reading

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Using Encryption to help compliance efforts

A few months back we announced IP SAN-based encryption for our ISCs.  This new feature is pretty uncommon in IP SANs, and I know many of you were wondering how to use this in the real world.  Enterprise Storage Forum has a great … Continue reading

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StoneFly News: New IP SAN, the Voyager

Today we announced a new IP SAN platform, the Voyager: The Voyager offers SAS, SATA, SSD and 1 or 10 gigabit ethernet.  It is also our fastest SAN yet, supporting over 950MBs/s over 10G.  This SAN is redundant and active … Continue reading

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iSCSI Killer Apps

Looking for the top applications of iSCSI? Check out this video to learn about the iSCSI technology, and see the benefits over conventional DAS, NAS, and FC SAN alternatives. Some of the applications include: server virtualization, blade servers, and email archiving. For more information click the … Continue reading

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Create an iSCSI Volume in 90 seconds or less

Are you looking for some quick demos on how to set up your IT equipment?  Look for our YouTube channel, we’ll be posting short videos on demos of our products, common questions, tips and tricks and more.  Here is the first. … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How do I set up my iSCSI SAN with VMWare for Optimal Performance?

NetApp, Dell, EMC and HP collaborated on a post about increasing iSCSI performance under VMWare.  There are some great tips and basics on iSCSI there, but for you StoneFly customers, here is a little advice from our Director of Product … Continue reading

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Your first SAN, understanding your must-haves

Channelpro has a great article this month on choosing an entry-level or first SAN. There are 8 questions to ask: Which network: fibre channel or ethernet? Which hard drive: SAS or SATA (or SSD!)? Does it need to be scalable … Continue reading

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