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What is exactly Unified Storage?

Small and medium scale businesses grappling with data are showing a lot of interest in using a Unified Storage these days. This is due to the fact that Unified Storage systems often simplify the life of the storage administrators by … Continue reading

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How do San Gateways differ from Storage Servers?

San Gateways are typically appliances which are designed to utilize your existing network storage resources to create a universally secure repository for your critical data. These San Gateways are ideal for companies that want to leverage existing storage resources, but … Continue reading

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StoneFly helps in repurposing legacy data storage with the help of highly available IP SAN Gateway appliance

It is a known fact that the value of propositions and benefits of SANs are well known and documented. If you already own a SAN and want to avail its storage benefits to the core, then StoneFly, a pioneer in … Continue reading

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StoneFly unifies and repurposes legacy data storage equipment with high availability IP SAN Gateway Appliance

StoneFly a pioneer in providing iSCSI storage has began shipping its remarkably Unified Storage Concentrator (USC) and Unified Storage Concentrator Highly Available cluster line of IP SAN Gateway appliances. Thus, with these appliances businesses can easily convert their existing Fibre … Continue reading

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Convert your existing storage into a Unified Storage appliance with Stonefly IP SAN gateway appliance

All those businesses which are interested in converting their existing on-premise storage into a Unified Storage solution can now avail this feature by purchasing StoneFly IP SAN Gateway appliance. The StoneFly Unified Storage Concentrator IP SAN Gateway appliance allows enterprises … Continue reading

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