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The damage caused by idle severs in worldwide data centers is estimated to be $30 billion

Ten Million servers are said to be sitting idle in data centers located worldwide and this was discovered in a recent survey made on data center efficiency by Anthesis Group in association with Stanford University. And out of the said … Continue reading

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StoneFusion 6.3 Released

We just unveiled StoneFusion 6.3, a virtualization-focused upgrade to our intelligent network storage platform. The StoneFusion OS is integrated into all StoneFly IP SANs, and offers block-level provisioning and centralized storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes. Here … Continue reading

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Use your IP network to centralize video surveillance

In recent years, video surveillance has shifted to the IP network. The change is not just for higher resolution images and longer retention, the growth of IP surveillance has resulted from a variety of benefits. One of the key benefits … Continue reading

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Advice on how to cut storage costs

Here’s some great advice from the Enterprise Storage Forum on cutting storage costs. Try flash or solid state disk.  Amazingly enough, with the speedy performance on SSD, it is probably cheaper than adding more memory to your heavy duty database … Continue reading

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Using virtual servers for your disaster recovery strategy

Techtarget identified some key considerations for disaster recovery in a virtualized environment. Because of its ease of deployment and integration, server virtualization can be a highly effective tool for disaster recovery. Server virtualization addresses three concerns related to disaster recovery: Cost: … Continue reading

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Create an iSCSI Volume in 90 seconds or less

Are you looking for some quick demos on how to set up your IT equipment?  Look for our YouTube channel, we’ll be posting short videos on demos of our products, common questions, tips and tricks and more.  Here is the first. … Continue reading

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Virtual Infrastructure eBook

Need some pointers on how to maximize system utilization while keeping costs to a minimum? Our StoneFly Virtual Infrastructure Evaluation Book includes some helpful white papers and exemplifying case studies to show how reducing hardware and virtualizing not only lowers operational costs, but also helps … Continue reading

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VMware’s Virtualizing Exchange 2007

Are you thinking about virtualizing your mail server?  VMware corporate did  it, and put together this white paper/cookbook. It’s pretty detailed, and offers some practical advice for virtualizing your mail server. Which servers are you virtualizing today? [polldaddy poll=1275358] Do … Continue reading

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