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Reasons to select a Hybrid Storage array or an All Flash array!

Hybrid Storage arrays, in general, are the ones which have a mix of SSDs and hard drives in their storage chassis. By adding a thin slice of flash storage to an array- may 2% to 5% of total capacity, available … Continue reading

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Video Storage evolves to meet the needs of a changing marketplace!

Data Storage solution cost has dropped drastically in recent years and so the challenge of recording and storing video in surveillance deployments has almost become an afterthought. Moreover, due to stiff competition, in an industry that once featured a multitude … Continue reading

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Storage Tiering – What is it and what does it give me?

Storage Tiering – What is it? Since there are many disk drives types, it is very important to optimize use of different drive types to achieve best price/performance ratio for your storage. Storage Tiering allows usage of different type of … Continue reading

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Increase performance 10 fold with Tiered Storage and SSD!

Learn the basics on tiered storage and ssd drives and how it can raise your datacenter performance on this webinar. Continue reading

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Advice on how to cut storage costs

Here’s some great advice from the Enterprise Storage Forum on cutting storage costs. Try flash or solid state disk.  Amazingly enough, with the speedy performance on SSD, it is probably cheaper than adding more memory to your heavy duty database … Continue reading

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Storage Strategies: Things to keep in mind

What do you look for when you’re shopping for storage? We probably all look at price, performance, and reliability, right? But how much time do we spend looking at other factors like total cost of ownership (TCO), security, automation, and compatibility? Probably not … Continue reading

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