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Retailers make merry with latest video surveillance technology!

Video Surveillance in retail stores is being carried out from decades to help in nabbing numerous shoplifters and other criminals. But in recent times, the advances in camera technology and video surveillance have been presenting new marketing opportunities for retailers. … Continue reading

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Benefits of using smart video surveillance systems in banks and financial institutions!

Banks and financial institutions such as insurance firms face a variety of challenges, including fraud, theft and even every-day accidents such as slips and falls. Therefore in order to protect the high-valued assets, employees and customers, plus to ensure the … Continue reading

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Some misconceptions about video storage solutions!

Video Storage solutions in security surveillance field have their share of misconceptions and missed opportunities. In this article, we will take them one by one from a manufactures point of view to set the record straight. SSDs will take on hard drives … Continue reading

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Exploring Video Analytics technology

Video Surveillance systems act as effective tools to view / record events in order to provide security, safety, loss prevention, operational efficiency and business intelligence. Traditionally video surveillance system architecture constitutes of video cameras, network infrastructure, video management solutions, storage … Continue reading

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Video tutorial on designing a video security system

Need some help designing a video security system?  Check out this video from GSP America. Here are 6 questions from the video on what to look for and what to ask: What type of cameras should I use? How should … Continue reading

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News: DNF Security Partners with OnSSI

We are partnered with OnSSI, and our Seahawks have been certified for use with OnSSI’s video management platform, NetDVMS — follow the link below to the announcement.  OnSSI is a great partner for us, we both share a vision of … Continue reading

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