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School District in California goes for StoneFly Hyper Converged USS!

StoneFly, Inc., a Silicon Valley based company offering simple and affordable enterprise solutions was recently approached by a School District which was looking to upgrade its current server and storage environments. The California based educational institution was searching for a … Continue reading

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Russian organizations are now showing more faith in Virtual backups than ever!

Russian enterprises are now showing more faith in Virtual Backups these days than ever. Over the past few years, as virtualization has led to major changes in the way data and servers are handled, the use of virtual machines has … Continue reading

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Virtual Servers double the cost of security breach says survey?

Kaspersky lab has released a new report which says that a security incident involving virtual server in either public or private cloud will double the recovery cost compared to that of a traditional environment. In another survey conducted by B2B … Continue reading

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The damage caused by idle severs in worldwide data centers is estimated to be $30 billion

Ten Million servers are said to be sitting idle in data centers located worldwide and this was discovered in a recent survey made on data center efficiency by Anthesis Group in association with Stanford University. And out of the said … Continue reading

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Technology evolution eases impact of changing storage requirements in Universities

Storage requirements in Universities and Higher Education institutions are changing as they are adopting virtualization, cloud and ITaaS platforms. This is due to the fact that the IT class in these environments is moving from application-centric computing to more efficient … Continue reading

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Hidden costs of Virtualization!

Virtualization has proved as one of the cost-saving server technologies to emerge in the last decade. The flexibility to start-up whole servers when needed and to stop them, has in theory meant that general-purpose server hardware can be readily re-allocated … Continue reading

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Virtualization strengthens Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups are essential and that is now a fact, as it helps in keeping business continuity live in any enterprise. This is due to the fact that in case, an enterprise looses access to the primary version of data, a … Continue reading

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What gives StoneFly IP SANs an exceptional touch!

StoneFly IP SANs which are based on a patented and award wining StoneFusion Operating System offer all benefits expected from a Storage Area Network. This includes increased storage utilization through resource consolidation, storage provisioning, centralized access control, volume management and … Continue reading

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Security of Virtual Servers is not being addressed up to the mark!

Virtual Servers usage in enterprise environments is increasing worldwide and securing virtual environments is now at the top of mind for majority of IT departments. But when it comes to security option which is being addressed by IT departments, the … Continue reading

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Going Green on your IT Environment

The benefits of creating an energy efficient data center through virtualization practices. Continue reading

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