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Virtualization for Small businesses Part 2

A follow-up to last month’s article about virtualization for small businesses, here is the latest virtualization platform from VMware, called VMware Go™ which is ideal for small and midsize businesses. The web-based service simplifies the virtualization process by automating the … Continue reading

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How to choose an iSCSI device during EBS installation

Having trouble accessing an iSCSI drive during EBS (Essential Business Server) setup? Check out this step-by-step guide courtesy of Technet. http://blogs.technet.com/essentialbusinessserver/archive/2009/02/25/choosing-an-iscsi-device-during-ebs-installation.aspx

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More bang for the buck — VMware or Microsoft?

Found this interesting TechTarget article comparing VMware’s ESX and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. So which server virtualization technology is cheaper? The comparison shows that while the initial acquisition cost is lower with Hyper-V, the cost of upgrades and management are relatively higher.    “The hypervisor is … Continue reading

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A new reason for your company to subsidize your iPhone

You can now manage your virtual servers with a great open-source mobile application: Virtualization Mobile Manager.  Techtarget covered it in detail, so follow the link below. A few quick facts about VMM from the IT Knowledge Exchange Blog VMM is … Continue reading

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